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Makeup tips for the traveller

Featured in Yellow Wig Travel Gurus

For makeup lovers, traveling with your stash of makeup must-haves is a no brainer. Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for pleasure or work. Problem is, sometimes those makeup ‘must-haves’ turn into half your suitcase space. Ultimately, traveling with makeup also means traveling makeup smart – that means downsizing.

Unless you’re a professional makeup artist and you need your entire makeup artillery, the tips above should make travelling with your makeup a lot simpler. Happy travelling!

Here are a few tips for the traveller whose makeup is essential:

Consider travel-size products – lots of foundations (liquid and crème) have travel-size options; if yours doesn’t consider ‘depotting’ – putting just enough product into a smaller bottle or jar instead of carrying the larger item. Remember you’re allowed up to 3oz containers in your carry-on.

Don’t pack the 36-colour eye shadow palettes – try two mini palettes or up to three quads. Same applies to blush palettes. Do you really need the one with 24 colour options?

Lipsticks and glosses can be bulky – run through your outfits and the looks you want to accomplish pre-travel and take only the lipsticks you really need. Nude is always a winner!

Look for multi-use products e.g. an eye shadow that can double as a lip colour.

Skin care is always a must. If your preferred products don’t come in travel-size, invest in the travel-size kits from your local drugstore and pour your products into the smaller bottles/jars. Same applies to shampoos and conditioners.

Don’t walk with your full complement of makeup brushes and sponges. If you’re a makeup lover, you know well enough that only 4 or 5 brushes can suffice.

Packing your makeup well is also critical to avoid spillage and breakage. Create a protective barrier around your cosmetic bag by wrapping it in your clothing. Get a good makeup bag too that has adequate pockets and brush holders.