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Writing content – Go brave!

Writing – not as scary as you think!

For persons who are not accustomed to writing anything more than a grocery list or signing their kid’s report card, content creation for blogs, articles, reviews and especially for their websites can seem a gargantuan task.

Words tend to scare some people when it has to be structured and make sense to anyone other than themselves. Writing for public consumption, takes on a whole new meaning vs expressing your thoughts in a personal journal or writing as a hobby. For others, putting their ideas into words can be a challenge as their thoughts come faster than their fingers can type.

Then there’s the issue of structure – writing with a beginning, a middle and an end. Without these elements, the final product can truly appear sub standard, particularly for persons new to writing content of any kind! Additionally, for those writing content for a website in particular, there’s the added components that your content is also expected to attract a target audience, increase traffic and all the other good stuff i.e. improve SEO. No pressure!

Tools to give your writing a boost

However, as long as there are words and tools that can help, there is hope! I’ve put together below a short list of blogger resources for blogging newbies and not-so-new newbies who might still be struggling with writing content:

1. – How to start a blog in 2021 – 6 step free guide to creating a blog in as little as 20 minutes

2. – Write the perfect blog – Grammarly instant writing assistant (an affiliate favourite) – free and paid options available.

3. – Organise and present information in an organised way – includes quotes, images, dictionary and research options.

4. – Question and answer community – a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers that can enhance your blog.

5.  – topic-generator – Blog ideas generator – your title or headline can make your article invisible.

6. – Makes your writing bold and clear – identifies errors, shortens or splits lengthy sentences.

Disclaimer: Using these tools doesn’t mean you still don’t have to write content. At the end of the day practice, practice, practice makes ‘almost’ perfect!

If you’re a content writer, particularly if you’re writing for social media marketing, it is important to remember to keep your words succinct and to the point. Above all, the use of graphics and/or videos in social media is must! Your written content will introduce or describe your product or service or detail a special offer for your brand, but your visual or graphic is what captures the attention of your target audience. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok were developed for video and photo content, while Facebook provides a mix. A myriad of useful graphic tools are also available online. Some of these include:

1. – collaborate and create amazing graphic designs for free.

2. – free stock photos and videos.

3. – owned by Canva, is a website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics, film footage and music.

4. – beautiful, free, usable images that range from nature to fashion.

Let me know your experience with using any of these tools or can recommend any that aren’t mentioned here. We’re all in this to learn and improve. 

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  1. I discovered Grammarly in grad school and it has single-handedly got me through many a long editing session! 

    I use the free version of Grammarly. It highlights any combinations in my sentences that seem to use bad grammar. Then when I hover over them with my cursor, it suggests alternatives. Over the years, I have stopped making many of the same mistakes, so it has taught me grammar too. 

    My biggest headache is that I am very bad about writing overly complex sentences. Then, Grammarly has trouble matching my subject to my verb, etc., and it can highlight phrases that are actually correct. But, I use that as an indicator that I am writing sentences that are too long (again) and that I need to break my sentences up into shorter lengths. I just highlight the marked passages, click “dismiss” and keep on editing!

    Another free service is that the Grammarly computer will evaluate the tone of what I write. For example, this comment is evaluated as “Optimistic.” Since I use Grammarly with everything I write in my computer, you can imagine how helpful it is to have the tone of all my emails automatically evaluated before I send them! It avoids misunderstandings.

    I also use Grammarly when I write content for my blog. It simplifies the writing process and helps me be more confident of how I sound to readers. 

    1. Hello Lisa. Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting. Isn’t it wonderful to have ‘free’ tools that you can access to improve your writing? Have you heard of Reedsy? It’s an online author service that matches your writing style with apps that would be useful for you. So for example, Hemingway is one that has been recommended for me. It really is meant for book authors, but it can work for writers on the whole. Check it out. Thanks again for your comment. All the best. 


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. When you mentioned that your links can help beginners and experienced bloggers, I saw that you had a competitive advantage with your own niche. I always think it is helpful to have a niche that helps with niches if you know what I mean.

    Also, I think you are very realistic and this enhances the quality of your service. You empathically put yourself in the shoes of your reader and establish a relationship of trust and credibility. Most important, you know that there is no such thing as perfect writing; just making content writing less intimidating is a start!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my blog. I took some time to decide on my niche, but writing is something I enjoy and I also think it is valuable to share tools and resources with other bloggers. Writing takes practice to hone your skills and it helps to have tools that aid in perfecting your style and the message that you put out. Appreciate your input.