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Is content marketing under threat?

Is content enough?

An interesting article I read recently headlined ‘Will coupons dethrone content’ by FMTC, which stands for ‘For Me To Compete’ – they provide publisher/ affiliate tools so that affiliates of all sizes can compete on the big stage – at least that’s what it says in their ‘About Us’ profile, suggested that for some in the affiliate space, there seems to be a shift of attitudes regarding what makes for a healthy/balanced affiliate programme.

Apparently for many years, merchants and coupon affiliates have engaged in a ‘battle’ of sorts over the supposed added value provided by coupons, discounts, and deals that publishers have added to their affiliate programmes. The article added that many merchants have avoided coupons because of the supposed perception that discounts can tarnish their brand and as a result, have either begrudgingly worked with affiliates offering coupons and deals, or have enjoyed the traffic brought in by these affiliates’ offers, but still don’t hold them in high regard as additing significant value to their business and therefore offer low commission rates.

Of late though, according to the FMTC article, there is a trend towards merchants actively engaging coupon, discount and deal affiliates, but “declining” content affiliates. One school of thought is that the pandemic has changed consumer buying habits and needs and many purchases may now be more driven by price rather than content as a result. They also suggested that the change in trend may also be as a result of “merchants becoming more educated and understanding the value coupon affiliates bring to a programme”.

At the end of the day, FMTC is a coupon and deals tools promoting company. Not a bad idea to keep an eye out to see how these kinds of trends impact the affiliate world. If you have any thoughts on this piece, feel free to share in the comments below. Interesting reading if nothing else….in my world “Content isn’t just King…it’s the Kingdom!”

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