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Affiliate programmes for Writers – A Review

One of the first things a newbie to any kind of affiliate programme looks for is the commission. Let’s not fool ourselves – we’re looking to earn an income therefore, the commission is of utmost importance. When your niche is content creation/writing/editing/proofreading or any discipline along those lines, it narrows the scope of affiliate programmes vs those that promote and sell retail products.

Wearing my novice hat, I trawled the internt for affiliate programmes that would match my specific niche of writing. The following is a snapshot of ten of the affiliate programmes for writers out there and based on your plans for your website and your business, these can provide some guidance as to the direction that you could take. These are in no order of preference, simply in list format.

1. Write!  – Commission 20% / Cookies 30 days – software package that combines word processor, text editor and productivity app
2. WriteShop – Commission 10-15% / Cookies 180 days – target audience is mostly home-schooling families; includes Facebook group for educators
3. Writers Store – Commission 10% / Cookies – unknown – products include software, audio, video and books; money-back guarantee on most products
4. Freelance Writers Den – – Commission 25-50% / Cookies – unknown – subscription based membership; $25 to join; 7-day money back guarantee
5. Lisa Tener– Commission 10-20% / Cookies – unknown / ** a plus – much bigger commissions on 4 higher-priced, popular learning programs; award winning book writing coach and publisher
6. Screenwriters University – Commission 10% / Cookies unknown – 53 courses ranging from US$80-US$600
7. Movie In A Month– Commission 50% / Coookies unknown – software program; year-long 100% money-back guarantee
8. ProWriting Aid  – Commission 50% / Cookies 90 days – free trial version; premium version annual cost of US$60
9. EssayProfit– Commission up to 70% / Cookies 360 days – catering to students in the US/UK; wide variety of promo material
10. American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI)– Commission unknown / Cookies unknown – programs have 100% money back guarantee plus language learning & video courses


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