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Scribbly Guru’s Four ‘Fs’ of effective content creation


In the grand scheme of things, whether the aim of your content creation is for a website, an article, a report or a paper, at Scribbly Guru we start off with a solid foundation that will drive the rest of our writing. Understanding our audience is one of the first tips in content creation and this will require research. For example, we will only waste time if your target audience is women between the ages of 40-55 and our content is focused on fishing gear – this means keyword research for website content creation so that your website will be found among the millions of others on the internet, after all, the aim is to have the edge over your competitors. At Scribbly Guru, appropriate content creation is the meat of the matter – this is what will speak to your online audience if you’re creating a website or a blog, a feature article for a specific journal, magazine or newspaper, or a report for an organisation. Just like building a house from the ground up, the foundation of the content dictates the efficacy of your message regardless of the medium or the audience. For book writers, while the elements of the process may be similar, the biggest challenge might be in wondering where to start. Book coach, award winning author and publisher Lisa Tener can help break through those creative challenges –


It’s pretty easy to go off track when creating content for any kind of platform. While thoughts and ideas come fast and furious , we are cautious not to be tempted to want to put them all down in writing – particularly in article or report writing where the availability of content might be plentiful and easily accessible. At Scribbly Guru, we always keep in mind the subject matter, the purpose for the piece and short and pointed content – particularly for website content creation. While we can take greater liberties in article and blog writing, maintaining focus ensures that we stick to the point, avoid long-winded paragraphs and unnecessary ‘fluff’ and keep our client’s audience interested in what we have to say.

The versatility of article or report writing allows for the inclusion of graphics, charts and other kinds of supporting visuals meant to provide greater clarity to the subject matter and add value to the piece. However, this doesn’t mean that a plethora of visual material is required to make your content more attractive. At the end of the day, it’s what you’ve said that makes the difference. Graphs and charts supplement the writing and should not distract from the messaging. This also applies to website content creation, particularly if one is selling a product or service. Website content creation should always tie back to commercial goals and achieving the greatest commercial value. At Scribbly Guru we ensure the satisfaction of our clients come first.


Content creation for various media is not merely about setting down words and hoping for the best. At Scribbly Guru working with clients means obtaining their feedback about what they want, how they visualise the content, providing professional guidance and coming to a happy medium about the content. The same applies in content creation or editing of articles and reports. A satisfied customer is one with whom we have held in depth discussions about the purpose of the article/report, the audience, deadlines, format and structure. Draft content is key in the first instance so that customer feedback can be obtained and tweaks or full edits made as needed.

Fresh Facts

Content created by Scribbly Guru must be able to create or build buzz and in order to do that the content must be fresh and relevant to the target audience, readers or end users. Website content creation in particular must be ‘evergreen’ in order to generate and sustain traffic over long periods of time. Depending on the product or service being promoted, publishing high-quality, timeless content will generate traffic even without regular updating. The same holds true for content creation of articles and reports. The internet provides a myriad of information, facts and figures that range from historical to current. Evergreen content ensures that searchers find relevant answers to their questions, the information or content remains interesting and pulls in traffic over a longer period.

Reaching the Finish Line

A satisfied customer is the aim at Scribbly Guru. Therefore, content creation isn’t simply about writing. Before getting to the end product, the following steps are crucial to meeting the needs of the customer – regardless of the medium or audience:

  1. We make it our business to know the customer’s audience – discuss, research, competitors.
  2. We dare to be different in the game of content creation – change up a text-heavy content strategy.
  3. Our client’s commercial value comes first in online content creation – content speaks volumes to the bottom line.
  4. We test the content – Poor assumptions can be the difference in a successful website, blog, article or report. The audience or end-user might be more attracted to a blended approach that includes text, cartoons or videos.

At Scribbly Guru, we understand that there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to content creation. Each request will be different and will require individual and specific attention. Customer satisfaction comes first and appealing to our buyers’ personas via website content, publication audiences via magazine or newspaper articles or the end-users of academic papers or organisational reports.

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