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Scribbly Guru

Now I know what you’re thinking….not another pitch to get me to spend money on brand, content and event development and management. Pretty much – can your business afford not to?

Digital transformation has changed the way the world of business looks and feels. The right online presence can be the difference your business or organisation needs to keep existing customers and to attract potential ones. Messaging is more important today than ever. What is yours saying about your business?


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    Content creation and brand marketing are like a virtual store front for your target audience in a way that will attract them to want to do business with you.

    Knowing what you want your business to look like as an entrepreneur, small business owner or organisation, is only the first step in the process. Ensuring your needs are translated in the correct language to your target market is the point at which many marketing strategies fall short.


    How to order services

    At Scribbly Guru, our years of experience in communications, strategic planning, marketing and event management provides the ideal platform from which your ideas can grow roots. Get in touch with us at and we can arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

    If you’re unsure of the specific service that you may need, we are happy to have an in-depth discussion to ascertain your needs. We will conduct a content audit that will provide us with a holistic view of what you’re looking for and make recommendations to meet your specific needs and goals.

    Corporate & small business websites

    Social media management

    Event management


    Services we provide

    Content creation and management for the development of SME and NGO websites, blogs, articles, annual reports, social media platforms, human resource letters and scripts for advertisements and videos;
    Re-writing, editing, formatting and proofreading of website content, articles, research papers, company reports, academic theses and papers;  Event management for seminars, workshops and conferences including development of scripts and speaker liaison services.

    Project blogs

    Magazine articles

    Logo and tagline creation


    Pricing and packages

    Rates are charged per project and may vary by project specifications and duration. Word count pricing and deadline specification variations will apply on all content creation jobs. Additional charges may be applied to jobs specs outside the scope of the initial project agreement.

    Event management charges are based on the type of event and the requirements needed. Services for events include development of marketing content, MC scripts, speaker liaison services and speeches for programme speakers.

    Strategic brand marketing plans

    Annual reports

    Marketing consultations

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